Wayne County Extension

Foot and Leg Trait EPDs

Genetic improvement of structural soundness has been a longstanding challenge for the beef industry. Until recently, selection for soundness has been exclusively phenotypic: identifying replacement females that pass the “eye test” and culling cows when foot and leg structure becomes problematic.


Scoring Cows Can Improve Profits

Scoring cows on the basis of body condition can be an effective management tool for enhancing reproductive performance within the cow herd. The critical period during the reproductive calendar for body condition is at calving. 


Genetic Practices to Improve Beef Cattle Reproduction

Reproduction has a great impact on the profitability of beef cattle producers and is therefore an important consideration when making genetic management decisions.   Due to the low heritability of most reproductive traits many producers feel there is little that can be done through genetic management and rely solely on other management practices such as health programs and nutrition management.  While nutrition and health are critical to good reproductive rates, this publication will focus on genetic practices that can have a positive impact on reproduction.